6/20-2017 Manta in Blue Corner and Beautiful Wreck diving (OSCAR)


This is Oscar reporting from 6/20 Tuesday´s diving with DayDream in Palau!
With almost no wind and the sun shining, we were in for a hot day at the Sea! Luckily we spend a lot of time underwater, giving us the time to cool off!

Today we dived with two boats, one boat focusing on wreck diving and one going out on the reef around Ngemelis to dive some of the “world famous” spots!

Our dive schedule for the day looked like this:

Suzu 3, Wreck Diving, Guide: Kato and Oscar

1st: Zero Fighter
2nd: Iro
3rd: Jake Seaplane

DD6: Ngemelis, Guide: Mana

1st: Dexter Wall
2nd: Blue Holes
3rd: Blue Corner

A suprise for the day was at Blue Corner were Mana and here team could witness a Manta!
That is a pretty rare sight in Blue Corner for sure!

The calm waters gave us great visibility for the wreck diving, which sometimes can be a little bit muddy because of the bottom around the wrecks. At one of the mast of Iro we could find big numbers of anemones with the Dusky Anemonefishes housing in them. (See picture below)

Zero Fighter Plane

Dusky Anemonefish housing on a mast of wreck Iro

Thank you!


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