Warm waters and relaxing currents! (OSCAR)

This is Oscar reporting from today´s diving in Palau.
Today we went to Ngemelis for diving with one boat! We had beautiful weather and it was very hot!

SUZU 3: Guide Saki and Oscar, Captain Rurul.

1st: Blue Holes
2nd: Blue Corner
3r: New-Drop off

The diving was very nice today with a relaxing current for us to drift slowly along the reef and watch all the beautiful fish in Palau. A lot of Napoleon, Giant trevally and turtles today!! Especially the Napoleon´s were curious today and was swimming around us very close to check us out!
We could find many cute turtles sleeping in the seagrass and it looked like all turtle had a really relaxing Saturday.

Below is some pictures from today´s diving taken by me.

Blue hole
Giant Trevally
Napoleon Fish is curious
Napoleon Fish eating
Sleepy turtle
Spotted Eagle-Ray
Great Barracuda

Thank you!


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