Early morning dive and EFR training!(OSCAR)


This is Oscar reporting from DayDream today.
Today we went out with one early morning boat to enjoy some nice and calm early diving.
Doing early morning dives often offers a different type of diving then during daytime. The fishes are usually more active, especially the sharks! And you often find yourself alone at blue corner with your dive group without having the trouble to navigate through all the other dive groups that usually dives around famous Blue Corner at daytime. A perfect way to start the day!!

EM dive:

Suzu 3: Guide: Mana, Assistant: Lyson

1st: Blue Corner
2nd: Blue Corner

For us who did not dive today, DayDream staff Kato held a seminar to refresh everybody’s CPR and First Aid skills. It is important to refresh your skills and knowledge every now and then so we are always well prepared for any situation.

Thank you!


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