“Soo many sharks and fishes!” (OSCAR)

Good evening!

This is Oscar writing today´s report from DayDream´s diving activities in Palau.
We went out with two boats today to Ngemelis and Peleliu Area.

DD6 (Ngemelis): Capt Arnold, Boat Assistant: Oscar
Guide: Saki and Mana, Assistant Lyson.

1st: Blue Holes
2nd Blue Corner
3rd German Channel

Suzu 2 (Peleliu): Capt Buksie. Guide: Kaki

1st: Peleliu ExpressCorner
2nd: Peleliu CutCorner
3rd: Peleliu CutCorner

During our dives today we had god visibility and calm surface conditions which made our dives very enjoyable. Comment from Dive Assistant Lyson after the Blue Corner dive; “There was sooo many sharks and fishes”.
Peleliu condition was also good today with medium strong current (to be Peleliu) and schools of GT/Ronin Aji and Barafuedai/Red Snapper.

Below is some pictures from today´s diving in Peleliu taken by DayDream Staff Kaki.

Thank you and hope to see you in Palau soon!


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