Welcome back Sun-San (OSCAR)

Long time no see Sun-san! Finally the blue skies came back to Palau and the sun decided to show to give us the warmth of Palau back. Today I Oscar are reporting from DayDream.

After some weeks with a lot of rain and little bit cold waters we finally got back the weather we all love in Palau.
Today we dived with one boat—Hence 35ft while our regular boats were at maintenance.
We headed off to Ulong to dive today. Guide was Showko and Kakiuchi while I (Oscar) was assisting.

1st: Ulong Channel
2nd: Grassland
3rd: Siaes Corner

At the last dive at Siaes Corner we drifted with a slow current to the top of the corner and we were surprised to find a very big school of sharks swimming back and forth in front us. See pictures below.
Also we could see the school of Barracudas who was swimming around just around the corner.

Below is some pictures from today´s diving, taken by DayDream Staff Kakiuchi:

Thank you from Oscar!

See you in the sunshine of Palau!

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