3-20-2017 Enjoying the Japanese holidays in sunny Palau (OSCAR)

Good evening!

This is Oscar giving you an update about today´s diving in Palau with DayDream Diveshop.
With the heavy rain two days ago we were worried about some cold days ahead but I guess the weather gods were kind enough to keep the rain to one day, giving us great diving condition the past two days. Blue skyes and blue sparkling water in the sun, what more can you ask for when having a dive vacation?
Well, good dives of course, which we have a lot of in Palau!
Today, as for the last past days many people are coming to dive with us and it is great to see that so many of you wants to join us in Palau and share great diving experiences together.
Most of our boats headed to Ulong today to enjoy the clear waters and beautiful corals with its diverse marine life that this area provides. Calm waters and slow currents gave us relaxing dives drifting along steep drop off walls and exploring sandy bottoms with its Grass (Garden Eels/Chin anago) and also getting close up with some Grey Reef sharks swimming back and forth in front of us at Siaes Corner.

Today’s dive schedule looked like this:

DD 7: Guide: Showko, Akiko, Yokosho

1st: Ulong Channel
2nd: Shark City
3rd: Siaes Corner

Hence 35 FT #1: Guide: Kato, Shimoda

1st: Blue Corner
2nd: Blue Holes
3rd: Blue Corner

Hence 35 FT #2: Guide: Mana and Saki

1st: German Channel
2nd: Blue Corner
3rd New Drop Off

Hence 35 FT #3: Guide: Kaki and Oscar

1st: Ulong Channel
2nd: Grassland
3rd: Siaes Corner
SHIMODA Boat (EM70+ Out INTRO) Guide: Seiichi

1st: St Cardinal
2nd: Hafa Dai

Thanks to everyone enjoying diving with DayDream in Palau! I hope to see more of you all very soon in Palau and if you not yet tried diving in Palau, it is time you join us and get some diving memories for a lifetime!

Over and out from Oscar!

Below are some pictures from today´s diving at Ulong taken by myself:

School of Reef Trevally/Indo Oki Aji forming a “tornado”

Fusiliers feeding on Plankton in Ulong channel

Google Eye/Houseki Kintoki in the Ulong Channel

Grey Reef Shark at Siaes Corner

Pyramid Butterfly fish/Kasumi ChouChou-uo

A lot of Anthias in the shallows of Siaes Corner

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