Diving with thousands of Snappers/Irezumi fuedai (OSCAR)


Oscar here doing the topics for todays diving in Palau.

March been a busy month for sure and as we are reaching the end of the month we have a lot of people coming to Palau to besides from doing the regular amazing dive sites like Blue Corner and German Channel also wants to experience something even more unique. March is a great month to dive in Palau since there are many rare events to be seen in Palau during this period. To mention a few; Red Snapper/ Barafuedai Spawning, Buffalo fish/ Kanmuri Budai spawning, Yellow lined sea-bream/Irezumi fuedai and much more.

Today we went diving with three boats.

DD7: Peleliu, Guide: Seichii and Oscar. Operator Patrick. Boat Assistant Lyson.

1st: Peleliu Express
2nd: Peleliu CutCorner
3rd: Yellow Wall
4th: Blue Corner

Hence 38ft: Ngemelis, Guide Kakiuchi, Mana and Yokosho. Operator: Willburn

1st: Blue Corner/ Dexter
2nd: Blue Corner
3rd: German Channel

Suzu 2: Peleliu, Guide: Akino. Operator: Baksy

1st: Peleliu CutCorner
2nd: Peleliu CutCorner
3rd: Yellow Wall

One of the big highlights of March in Palau is for sure the Blue Lined Sea-Bream/Irezumi Fuedai in Peleliu. A fish who usually lives solitary but during a few month each year in Palau, gets together in massive schools to spawn. At the “Yellow Wall” today we could witness huge numbers of this fish. Estimation by Seichii was at least 7000 of the Blue-Lined Sea-Bream/Irezumi Fuedai. It is a special experience for sure, to be caught up in the middle of a school of thousands of this colorful and beautiful fish.

Thank you for reading this short summary of today´s diving.

See you next time!


Blue Lined Sea-Bream/Irezumi Fuedai
School of Giant trevally/Ronin Aji
Blue Lined Sea-Bream/Irezumi Fuedai
Black fin Barracuda
Blue Lined Sea-Bream/Irezumi Fuedai

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