Stormy greetings from Palau!

Hi, today I (Oscar) am doing the topics! The last week has been little bit rough and two days ago a big typhoon came close and gave us really strong winds! So now it is even rougher.
Dives sites like Blue Corner, Holes and Ulong are not accessible right now because of the weather conditions, that is mainly because of safety reasons, you do not want to be outside the reef when the waves are many meters high like now.
Luckily Palau still has some good dive sites when conditions are like this.

We started off the day today with a morning wreck dive at the Chuyo Maru.
Myself and Kaki was guiding this dive with 14 guests who wanted to experience one of Palau´s great wrecks!

During the day we dived with two boats:
DD6: Guide: Kakiuchi, Yokosho and Oscar. Operator: Ashely
1st dive we dived Ngarmeaus Beach which was sheltered good from the strong wind and we could to an easy and relaxing beach dive.

2nd Dive; Short Drop-Off. Calm surface conditions and we drifted slowly along the reef. After about 30 minutes into the dive Kaki team suddenly saw a MANTA passing by closely. The Manta was kind enough to move on and get up close to Oscar´s and also Yokosho´s team so everybody to could get the great experience of seeing a Manta in Palau.
3rd Dive; Helmet Wreck.

Suzu 3: Guide: Mana, Dive Assistant Lyson. Operator:Rurul
1st Ngerchong Inside
2nd Ngerchong Outside
3rd Chandelier Cave

Looks like it is going to be windy some more days but we hoping for better weather soon!!
Thank you from Oscar!

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