Spawning dives, Sharks and Mantas- all in Palau! (OSCAR)

Hi! This is Oscar reporting from today’s diving!
Today we dived with three big boats (41ft)!
We started the day with a morning wreck dive at Chuyo Maru. The visibility was the best I have experienced in a long time at Chuyo! Very beautiful wreck and we were lucky to have morning sunlight lighting up the wreck in beautiful colors!

PIER 7 41 ft: Guide: Seiichi, Saki, Oscar
1st: Dexter Wall
2nd: Blue Corner
3rd: German Channel

DD6 Safari EM 3TD: Guide: Showko, Kakiuchi
1st: Grassland
2nd: Tail Siaes
3rd: Marine Lake

DD7: Kayangel 3 td+ Overnight. Guide: Akino

DD6 went to early morning dive to see the Bumphead Parrotfish spawning (Kanmuri Budai). Akino took a team up all the way to Kayangel to overnight and dive around the Island. Seichii, Saki and me took care of the regular diving today were we could see a lot of sharks at blue corner and Mantas in the German Channel!
By other means, a great diving day in Palau!

Two photos of the Kanmuri Budai Spawning/Bumphead Parrotfish by staff Kakiuchi:

Take Care!

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