First topics from Oscar!



This is Oscar doing the DayDream Topics for the first time.
The past few days the wind has been quite strong and the wind direction southwest, which can make the favorite dive sites around Ngemelis and Ulong a little bit rough. Today was a little rough around Blue Corner but still good for diving!

Kato started off the day with a morning wreck dive at Teshio Maru, which by many is considered one of the most beautiful wrecks in Palau.
Today we still had some rough water but with the stable DD6 we headed towards Ngemelis area to do our dives. The big request for the day was the Moorish Idol/Tsunodashi spawning that we can witness during some special days of January and February.

We dived today with one boat (DD6). Today’s fun diving was guided by Kato and Yokosho while Saki took care of our intro divers. Report from Blue Corner today about the Tsunodashi/Moorish idol was still quite small school around 200. During the following days we are expecting to see an increase to maybe 500+. There was however maaany sharks (Kato words), swimming around blue corner top, hoping to catch a lunch!

/> Sunrise when heading out for the morning wreck dive!
/> Teshio Maru
/> School of Tsunodashi/Moorish Idol at the Blue Corner

At the office today we had many different missions like doing maintenance for the boats and also fixing our floating platform at Fisherman for our intro divers.

/> Rurul working on fixing the intro dive platform at the Fisherman Restaurant

The Intro Platfrom has become home to many small fish like this one!

Tomorrow we have many divers coming to DayDream and we are hoping for calm waters and great divers!

Thank you from Oscar and see you under the surface!

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